We like to start with building blocks. This allows us to create websites that have excellent functionality with beautiful graphics. This enables us to work quicker and offer a lower price than someone building from the ground up. While we may start with sites like Wordpress and Squarespace, we don't stop there.

#siteWrapper {
  background-position: center fill;
  background-size: 900px; }
.sqs-block {
 padding-left: 40px !important;
  padding-right: 40px !important; }
#preFooter {
  display: none;
  height: 120px; }


The website we create is just for you. With custom HTML code injection (the building blocks of the website), and CSS (the look and feel of the website), we are able to do many of the things you might desire.

Take a look at a small portion of CSS coding from our site. This is how we where able to add some of the features that give it a more custom look.